Adacta takes the stage at DIA Amsterdam 2022

Adacta takes the stage at DIA Amsterdam 2022

After two virtual editions, Digital Insurance Agenda returns to Amsterdam on 29 and 30 June. The event promises to bring together more than 1.300 insurance pioneers from around the globe to witness and discuss the latest industry trends and insights.

Anyone interested in joining Digital Insurance Agenda can save 200€ on their ticket by entering code DIA200ADACTA at the checkout.

With its unique Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) format and more than 50 insurtechs taking the stage, DIA remains one of the most anticipated insurtech festivals this summer. Insurtechs presenting at DIA, including Element, Dacadoo, Unblu, and Adacta, will demonstrate the latest insurance trends and technology, solving the most pressing challenges in the insurance value chain: user and customer experience, time to market, data utilisation, and many others.

How to become a data-driven insurer?

Adacta will use award-winning insurance platform AdInsure to demonstrate how any insurer can use the data to drive innovation and how simple it is to embed IoT, insurtech solutions, and external data platforms across the value chain - from product definition, and underwriting to claims. While applicable to any insurance product, the demonstration will focus on insurance telematics.  

Data-Driven Insurance: The Telematics Use Case paper sheds light on the reasons, benefits, and ways in which insurers can become data-driven organisations:

“Insurers have always possessed an enviable wealth of data. Their business is built on data necessary for risk assessment. Recent technological advances provide novel ways to not only increase data collection but also to make that data actionable for quantifiable economic benefit. This is why the term ‘data monetization’ has gained currency.

Data monetization approaches can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect. Examples of direct data monetization include bartering and trading with information, offering products which have been enhanced with products or services, selling raw data through brokers and offering data or report subscriptions. Indirect data monetization includes using data to improve efficiencies, develop new products and markets, and build and solidify partner relationships. These indirect methods, which we are going to focus on, are the most common ways in which new value creation …” Continue reading

How to become data-driven insurer?

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