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Embrace the future of business operations with AdInsure in the cloud

AdInsure is the perfect partner for your cloud journey, providing comprehensive cloud support and a fully operational cloud model through Adacta Professional Services and our Managed Services partners. Clients have the flexibility to run all AdInsure Solutions and modules on-premise or in private or public cloud environments. Insurance organizations can leverage our managed services to outsource the management of their infrastructure and applications, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

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From a cloud-agnostic architecture to multicloud environments

We recognize the importance of flexibility in today's dynamic business environment. While our strategy is to be agnostic in our support for cloud vendors, we primarily target Azure for our cloud implementations. Furthermore, we offer support for Oracle Database Service for Azure to ensure seamless AdInsure deployments into multicloud environments, including Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. 

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure



Hybrid model for a smooth cloud transition

Acknowledging the importance of a low-risk migration from an on-premise deployment to the cloud, our platform is thoughtfully designed to facilitate scenarios where the core components of AdInsure remain on-premise, while features like the Sales portal and rating engine are seamlessly deployed to the public cloud. Our modular architecture and natively integrated modules ensure this transition is consistent and efficient.


Embrace the full power of digitalization with the cloud

AdInsure in the cloud provides a secure and scalable cloud delivery model that can be quickly updated and completely transforms your core system. Harness the many benefits of cloud deployments, including:


No need for upfront investment in infrastructure or software licenses.


Scale resources quickly and efficiently as needed to ensure your operations remain agile.

Deployment and updates

Leverage our application services to deploy upgrades while you focus on your business.

Reduce IT workload

Free up internal IT resources so you can spend more time on core business functions and strategic initiatives.

Security and regulatory compliance

Cloud and regular security updates ensure data protection and compliance with regulatory standards.

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