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A future-proof platform that lets you keep evolving

Your business needs to keep adapting to change, and that means your insurance platform should too. So unlike many other systems, AdInsure won’t become a creaking legacy system within a year—in fact, it’s the future-proof platform you need to stay agile.

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Built for modern insurers

With its standardised capabilities built around industry best practices, you might find AdInsure has everything you need out of the box. But if you need to change something, we’ve got you covered there too.

The platform is built so that however you’re using it, there’s always an upgrade path. Freely adapt the modules to your specific needs, and look out for regular updates that we design around new industry trends.


Roll out changes in minutes

When you need to change something, Adinsure lets you do it quickly and conveniently, without touching the source code. That means you can always improve the way you work. And because there’s no need to involve vendors, you keep costs down too.

Key product elements
Key product elements

Sales and technical terms and rules including coverages, insured objects, risks, limits, deductibles, conditions, clauses.


Sales, policy and claims processes are configurable with easy-to-create AdInsure document workflows that consider different user roles and permissions.

User interface
User interface

User interface can be tailored to the need of the specific user. At every step of the workflow new product attributes can be added, new UI sections and even new UI layouts.

Underwriting rules
Underwriting rules

Are configured as UW constraints (such as age limits and exceeding amount of allowed coverage) within the product tariff supporting UW process automation.

Business rules
Business rules

Rules for data validation, contract pricing, underwriting, claim assignment algorithms; defined in Excel, DMN format or as JavaScript function.

Insurance documents
Insurance documents

All implemented documents (Quote, Policy) have configurable data structure, input validation rules, UI and even a configurable API.


Simplify your IT infrastructure

The platform gives you the option of managing part of your product portfolio in AdInsure, or moving everything to the cloud. Whichever you choose, you can run AdInsure in your private cloud, or in the public cloud with Microsoft Azure.

We can also connect you with trusted partners who will create a complete cloud-hosted insurance solution for you. This can include the AdInsure platform, along with our partner solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, and selected BI tools.

Easy to scale

Start with what you need, then add more later

Adinsure has nine modules available, but you don't have to use them all. Make your project roll-out more manageable by starting with just the modules you need, then add more later. You only pay for what you use.

Plus, adding more modules isn't the only way to scale up. You can also configure new documents and workflows, develop integration accelerators, and add plug-ins. 


Work where the business takes you

AdInsure delivers a seamless, continuous experience across computer, tablet and mobile. Every action you do is quickly synced across all your devices, so your teams can stay productive with Adinsure, whatever they’re doing.


Integrate everything easily

With AdInsure as your digital foundation, you’re ready to embrace emerging technologies. Its services, functionality, and custom configurations are all accessible via an open interface, giving you total freedom to integrate other systems.

AdInsure even has an out-of-the-box integration framework, which makes connecting to external systems and partners simple. Get ready to see your IT team smiling. 

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