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AdInsure Studio

AdInsure Studio is a powerful, GUI-based tool that lets business users and IT professionals in insurance companies drive and implement change across products and processes.
Easy-to-use editors and insurance product templates included in AdInsure Studio allow insurers to significantly improve time to market, decrease the cost, and improve efficiency. 

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AdInsure studio

Entire portfolio, all processes,
every form, one tool

AdInsure Studio is an essential productivity tool for managing the entire lifecycle of AdInsure platform configurations - from the design of new insurance products to testing and release into production. 

An integrated set of features supports the configuration of all areas related to insurance products, including insurance tariffs, business rules, underwriting, complete set of workflows, and even user interface forms for sales agents, claims adjusters and other business users.

Best part? It supports all lines of business, so users can define coverages for both, life and non-life and even bundle them together into a single product.

AdInsure Studio is a single tool that allows users to manage all core insurance processes including Sales, Policy Management, Claims, Reinsurance, Billing and Collection, and Accounting processes.

adinsure studio

Key features

Product configuration

All elements of insurance products for all types of business lines can be managed easily from a single location. Users can configure premium rules and coverages, underwriting rules, actuarial calculations, and even specific line-of-business rules such as investment-linked account rules.

Business process configuration

The powerful business process configuration functionality provides an easy way to design and maintain process actors, workflows, permissions, user collaboration and integration with other systems. It supports sales processes such as quotation and policy conclusion, as well as underwriting, policy administration, claims, reinsurance, billing and collection, and recovery processes.

Business rule configuration

AdInsure Studio provides a user-friendly way to define business rules and libraries related to business decisions, premium calculations, coverages, validations, and more. The support for the industry accepted DMN standard provides users with the ability to design even the most complex rules composed of decision tables, scripts, and expressions.

Guidance and reusability

Users can leverage line-of-business-specific templates of production-ready insurance products and processes to streamline the launch of new products. AdInsure Studio offers an intuitive and guided process including predefined tariffs, coverages, calculations, validation rules, and more.

User interface configuration

The user interface (UI) editor is a simple drag-and-drop tool to design custom user interfaces for different users. The UI functionality includes a library of standard UI components, live UI preview, validation result reports, and even the ability to edit data schemas.

Data model editor

The data model editor provides an intuitive and unified way to define and modify data models for all kinds of data structures in AdInsure, be it master data like party registry, process-related data models for quotes, policies, claims etc., data source definitions and analytical data models. The configured data models are immediately reflected in generated APIs.

Test management

Automated testing capabilities make troubleshooting a breeze and allow users to verify the changes before they are deployed and used. Product rules can be tested with different types of tests including regression tests and different kinds of simulations.

Life-cycle management

AdInsure Studio provides a simple way to manage revisions and distribute changes to testing, development, and production environments. Users can also distribute packages across multiple organizations and countries.

AdInsure studio

Key benefits

Reduce time to market

Predefined packages and best practices, guided processes, and an intuitive user experience significantly reduce the time required to implement change and launch new offerings.

Boost innovation

Support for all lines of business and all types of risk combined with world-class customizability drives insurance product innovation.

Increase quality

Collaboration, integrated validation functionality, regression testing, and simulations make troubleshooting a breeze.

Reduce learning effort

A single tool built on industry standards for designing and changing products, processes, and business rules.

Improve agility

End-to-end coverage of products and processes empower business analysts to react quickly to the ever-changing market demands.

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