Core replacement will

  • Help you become truly agile and fast-moving
  • Simplify digital transformation 
  • Accelerate product launches and innovation
  • Meet compliance requirements more easily
  • Improve operational efficiency
legacy modernization

Replace your legacy core to stay ahead in the ever-changing market

With outdated systems, you can't deliver the customer experiences, business models, and partnerships you need to grow. And while modernization can seem challenging, falling behind nimbler competitors represents a bigger risk.

AdInsure is the modern insurer platform you need to complete your digital transformation and become an agile business. Its low-code, modular design means you can make the transition with relative ease.

Fully configurable with an open API and cloud capabilities, AdInsure is here to future-proof your insurance business.

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Legacy Modernization with AdInsure

Modernize your IT landscape with the low-code AdInsure platform

When you need a flexible platform that helps you meet changing demands, AdInsure has you covered. Offering more than just core modernization, it connects every aspect of your business—from product design to distribution and policy management. 

The result is improved productivity between colleagues and partners, and the ability to adapt fast to market changes.

  • Core systems: PAS, claims, billing
  • Portals, data analytics, reinsurance
  •  Support for all lines of insurance business 
  • Modern integration platform, out-of-the-box APIs
  • Support for regulatory compliance across EU
  • Fully configurable 

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