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AdInsure is the digital foundation your business needs to keep up with industry changes. It connects and supports all of your teams, helping you work smarter, launch faster, and provide modern customer experiences. 

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Making life easier for both business and IT users
Why AdInsure

Making life easier for both business and IT users

The platform’s business functionality makes every business user’s job easier by streamlining and automating their workflows. 

And when it comes to implementing new processes or operational strategies, AdInsure’s technical capabilities give your I T team the flexibility to make it happen.

Total support for all your departments
Business Functionality

Total support for all your departments

The comprehensive functionalities of AdInsure support all your teams, from product management, sales and underwriting to claims and back-office. Manage important processes, get data insights about the metrics that matter, and create custom portals for your team members.

Define and configure products

Your actuarial, product development and underwriting teams can define any product for any kind of business line you want to offer, now and in the future.

Manage every important process

Nine separate yet integrated modules help you manage every stage of the product life cycle, from policy administration to claims management.

Get data insights on demand

The powerful data dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of your customer. Get easy access to further insights by integrating an optional third-party solution.

Give every employee the right tools

Predefined user interfaces for every role means your team members always have access to the tools and features they need.

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Platform Capabilities

A platform that helps you stay agile

A platform that helps you stay agile

Your business needs to keep adapting to change, and that means your insurance platform should too. That’s why we’ve built a truly open platform that can easily integrate emerging tech. And with its flexible configuration options and ability to scale in the cloud, AdInsure is a future-proof investment that will help you to stay agile.


Adinsure is built around industry best practices to support your processes from day one, with predefined processes that work out-of-the-box.


The platform’s functionality can be easily configured to match your organisation’s existing processes, without touching the source code.


Use Rest API and OpenAPI to integrate AdInsure with external systems and portals, without the need for additional coding.


Simplify your IT requirements by running AdInsure in your private cloud, or in the public cloud with Microsoft Azure.


Adinsure can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and scales up as you grow without a drop in performance.

Unified across devices

AdInsure provides a unified experience on mobiles, tablets and computers, so your team can keep working from any location.

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Innovations that give you an advantage

Rapid responses to market demands
Rapid responses to market demands

Need to create or change a product? Easily configure quotes, underwriting processes, claims processes, business rules, and forms—all independently of your vendor.

Make your business agile
Make your business agile

Designed as a truly open platform, Adinsure lets you harness digital sales channels and integrate with portals, clients, and partners, so you can continue evolving your capabilities. Either on-premises or in the cloud.

Hassle-free upgrades
Hassle-free upgrades

We regularly update AdInsure to incorporate the new features insurers need, based on industry trends and your feedback.

Free up time for your IT team
Free up time for your IT team

With your IT infrastructure consolidated in a single platform, your IT team can spend less time on maintenance and more on value-adding activities.

Maximise your efficiency
Maximise your efficiency

With built-in, customisable tools that are designed around industry best practices, AdInsure significantly speeds up your workflows. It even enables you automate common processes via business rules and decisions.

One platform for all lines of business
One platform for all lines of business

AdInsure helps you phase out your legacy systems gradually, so you can run all your lines of business from a single platform—even across different countries.

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