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Empowering leasing organizations to maximize their sales with AdLeasing

AdLeasing is a modern digital sales platform built to meet the specific needs of leasing companies. Automate your processes, manage and empower your partners and keep your customers close and in the know with AdLeasing — your all-in-one solution for modernizing and growing your leasing business!

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All sales functionalities integrated
AdLeasing building blocks

All sales functionalities integrated



Document Management

Risk Management

Reporting and Analytics


Why AdLeasing

Measurable benefits for leasing organizations

Streamlined sales process
Streamlined sales process

By digitizing the sales process, the solution significantly streamlines operations across the partner network and the leasing back office. This reduces the time and paperwork required to complete underwriting which leads to improved sales productivity and increased revenue.

Enhanced end customer experience
Enhanced end customer experience

The B2C mobile app and B2C portal provide end customers with the convenience of communicating, applying for, and managing their leases anytime, anywhere. This accessibility improves customer satisfaction and engagement, potentially leading to higher retention rates.

Increased reach and accessibility
Increased reach and accessibility

The digital platform allows sales partners to easily reach a wider customer segment, overcoming geographical limitations. The ease of access to leasing options through the platform can attract more customers.

Data-driven insights
Data-driven insights

The solution collects and analyse data on customer preferences, sales trends, and partner performance. These insights enable leasing companies and their partner network to make informed decisions, tailor their offerings, and identify growth opportunities.

Improved communication and collaboration
Improved communication and collaboration

The Solution facilitates better communication and collaboration between sales partners and the leasing company. Real-time updates, notifications, document exchange and integrated communication tools ensure all parties are aligned and informed.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

By automating various aspects of the leasing process, the solution can help reduce operational costs associated with manual processes, paperwork, and physical infrastructure. This cost efficiency can improve overall profitability.

Customization and flexibility
Customization and flexibility

The solution offers customization options to meet the specific needs of different sales partners and end customers. This ensures that the platform remains effective across various market segments.

Compliance and security
Compliance and security

With built-in secure data handling, the solution can help leasing companies and their partners adhere to regulatory requirements and protect sensitive customer information.


Portals and mobile apps


Unlock efficiency and empower your sales network

AdLeasing sales and reseller portal, along with the mobile app, empower your sales force and your partners to finalize leasing agreements directly at the point of sale. This streamlines the process and reduces transaction times to unlock efficiency in your operations.

This approach minimizes interactions between customers and leasing providers. The solution provides quotations, offers, contracts, and documentation, alongside risk management tools and real time messaging to ensure a comprehensive and efficient leasing experience.


Stay connected and keep customers close and informed

Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, the B2C portal and mobile app guarantee a positive customer experience. Clear presentation of the most important information, such as balance and payments, contracts, and documents, puts clients in control. Real-time two-sided exchange of messages and content makes this platform a valuable cost-saving tool for leasing operations. 

Customers can use the portal to manage their information autonomously and communicate effortlessly with their dealers.

Backoffice Portal

Enhance efficiency and streamline operations

The Backoffice portal is a user-friendly web-based desktop tool designed to simplify tasks related to underwriting, risk assessment, and document and contract management.

It significantly accelerates the process of preparing quotations and offers for customers, while simplifying risk assessment to reduce operational costs for leasing organizations. The platform also serves as a messaging and document management centre for sales processes and a valuable cost-saving tool for leasing operations.

Administration Portal

Effortless control with centralized product and user management

The administration portal is used for product definition and document template creation and managing user roles and permissions, settings, interfaces, and other critical parameters.

It helps the back office improve product development and placement, fine-tune settings, interfaces, and critical parameters effortlessly, and more, all from one centralized platform.

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