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Could you help us to drive AdInsure deployments, extend our platform's functionality, or advise our clients on technology? Let's create a partnership that kick-starts new growth for our mutual customers, and our businesses.

Why partner with us?

Open the door to new business opportunities

Open the door to new business opportunities

Your strategy, our software. If you're a consulting or implementation vendor, you're on a mission to help businesses reach their strategic goals. Our software is specifically designed to meet the needs of insurers, going hand-in-hand with the expertise you offer your customers.

A partner you can rely on. With the track record to prove it. With over 30 years' experience in creating software for insurers, we have a miles-long track record for successful implementations. That means you can relax knowing that our approach works as well as our technology.

Trusted by the insurance industry. AdInsure is recognised by industry analysts, with Celent calling it "a strong, technology advanced platform for Life and non-Life insurers with exceptional feedback from clients". By collaborating with us, you can win new trust and confidence from customers.

Partner expertise

Who do we team up with?

If you offer consultation services, implementation services, or solutions in any of these categories, our companies could be a great fit.

Business consultants
Business consultants

Partners with a strong regional footprint. They can support and advise insurance organisations in defining high-flying strategies and choosing successful solutions.

Implementation partners
Implementation partners

Partners who can deliver services around consulting, deploying and configuring AdInsure and related technologies. They help to make implementation projects a success.

Solution partners
Solution partners

Solution providers that ramp up the value of our platform. They include software vendors and partners that develop solutions, integrations, and AdInsure platform content.

Technology partners
Technology partners

Technology vendors whose solutions are an essential ingredient in the AdInsure technology stack. They include major platform and database vendors.

Our partners

Who we're working with

  • CGI
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Cloud Services
  • Motion-S
  • Netcompany
  • Tieto
  • Mikrocop
  • ArtofInfo
  • Epam
  • BE-terna
  • Adakta
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