Adacta Announces the 2022Q1 AdInsure Release

Adacta Announces the 2022Q1 AdInsure Release

Adacta, a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, announced the 2022Q1 release of its AdInsure insurance platform. AdInsure, the platform insurers rely on to accelerate innovation and grow their digital capabilities, now includes additional functionality further supporting insurers on their mission to become more agile, independent, and customer-centric.

The new features adds functionality to distribution channels, product standardization, and operational support. Additionally, the release includes improvements to user experience, capacity management, risk sharing for personal and commercial property and casualty insurance, and much more.

Highlighted features of AdInsure 2022Q1 release

Sales and distribution

Portfolio transfers
Using portfolio transfer functionality, documents like life and non-life quotes, and policies can be transferred between agents or policy administrators. 

Commissions management
The update includes two new functionalities: commission rule and calculation management. Rule management provides users with the ability to define commission rules for all types of insurances, i.e. per products and combinations of coverage that can be agreed at the level of each insurance policy.  

Parties and loss result
As part of 360-view, the client loss represents the ratio of losses to earned premiums for individuals and businesses. The client loss result is essential for screening or risk assessment e.g. when concluding a new policy or handling claims.

User experience

Claims user experience

New elements, such as policy association, event data, reported coverage, business rule, and calculation entry, further standardise the claims module and improve the user experience for claim handlers and configurators.

Usability improvements
The update includes numerous new UI components, e.g. phone, permille, plus-minus button, slider, radio group, conditional section, and datagrid controls as well as section and group extensions, improving user experience across the platform. 

AdInsure Studio and life product wizard and quote
The wizard helps users create a life product for a single sale in six simple steps. Once completed, the wizard creates a new product. (i.e. a quote is automatically created in AdInsure).

Standard life policy
The standard life policy for any life product is automatically applied to the quote created by the life product wizard.

AdInsure Studio and editors
From the newly added zoom level feature to the support of inline views, editors received several updates to improve the user experience.

Risk sharing and capacity management

Coinsurance updates
Recently added functionality, including shared risk among multiple insurance carriers, focuses on the processes connected to catastrophic excess of loss treaties.

Reinsurance updates
Newly added features include improvements to underwriting, overview improvements, automatization of facultative contract creation, and reinsurance module for Motor products.

About Adacta
Adacta is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Its insurance platform – AdInsure – provides Life and P&C insurers with a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. Since 1989, Adacta has spent decades helping insurance organizations grow their digital capabilities and drive increased profit. Their mission is simple: Empower tomorrow's industry leaders to realise their potential through technology.

About AdInsure
The AdInsure insurance platform is the digital foundation your business needs to keep up with industry changes. It connects and supports all your teams, helping you work smarter, launch products faster, and provide modern customer experiences. 

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Hi, we’re Adacta—a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Our insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes.

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