Adacta joins Insurance Innovators: Summer Festival in Munich

Adacta joins Insurance Innovators: Summer Festival in Munich

Insurance Innovators: Summer Festival 2022 will bring together insurtech pioneers and change-ready incumbents to discuss insurance trends and technology. The conference promises an unmissable speaker line-up, handpicked audience, and quality conversations – all live in Munich on 21 and 22 June.

Insurance representatives are eligible for a 20% ticket discount. Get in touch with Adacta for more information about the conference and special rate tickets.

Join the Insurance Innovators: Summer Festival

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Keynotes, panels, and fireside chats will delve deep into various topics, including open insurance, interconnected ecosystems, sustainability, claims and fraud, the next wave of insurance technology, and the future of insurtech. With speakers from Allianz, Axa, wefox, Baloise, Generali, PetExpert, and countless others, attendees will get the opportunity to learn from and connect with industry leaders across the globe.

How do you build a truly digital-ready organization? 

Committed to driving industry innovation through conversation, Adacta will join a panel discussion titled “Building a truly digital-ready organisation”. Panellists, including Danilo Raponi, Group Head of Innovation of Generali, Dr Alexander Bockelmann, Group Chief Technology Officer of Baloise, and Boris Bajic, Chief Executive Officer of Adacta, will cover the following topics: 

  •  Reacting at speed: how can insurers build the agile business of tomorrow?
  •  Partner readiness: how to set up systems for successful external integration
  •  Rehost, rebuild, replace: evaluating cloud migration strategies
  •  Low code/no-code developments: how much do they boost operational agility?
  •  Cultivating a digital culture: empowering and upskilling employees

Boris Bajic explains:

“In recent years, technology has become a necessity and a catalyst for change. We have moved beyond simply moving from analogue to digital or transforming paper to digital policies and claims. Today, technology is challenging how insurance organizations operate, do business, and connect with industry stakeholders. I am thrilled to share our experience on how insurers can use modern technology to build agile, open, and future-proof organisations.”

Panel discussion will take place on 21 June at 2:45 p.m. on the Jade stage. 

Exploring insurance in the open API economy

On the second day of the event, Peter Godec, AdInsure Architect of Adacta, will join the panel discussion focused on open API economy in insurance. Together with Emma Kindblom, Digital Transformation Officer of Dina Försäkring, they will take a closer look at:

  •  The road to open insurance: where are we now?
  • What major changes have open APIs enabled to date?
  • What will the role of insurance be as the open API economy develops?
  • From marketplaces to ‘as a service’: evaluating the different embedded finance models
  • Establishing a marketplace/ecosystem: understanding the investment and timeframes involved
  • Refining open APIs to thrive in the evolving ecosystem: strategies for success
  • API-based revenue models: which ones work best under which circumstances?

Panel discussion will take place on 22 June at 12:05 a.m.

Insurance representatives interested in the event are eligible for a 20% ticket discount. Get in touch for more information and learn more about the conference.

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