Adacta enables students easier access to advanced digital solutions for the insurance industry

Adacta enables students easier access to advanced digital solutions for the insurance industry

BANJA LUKA - Adacta has partnered with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Banja Luka to provide its students with the same opportunities that are available to their peers in developed nations and enable them to learn about advanced digital solutions for the insurance industry.

The following press release is a translation of the original article in Serbian language, titled Studentima nadohvat ruke napredna digitalna rjesenja za industriju osiguranja, published on 24 November 20222 in Nezavisne novine, a Bosnia and Herzegovina based newspaper.

Adacta's AdInsure platform is used by insurance companies across Europe and offers students the chance to learn how to define and execute all key insurance company processes, from the insurance product configuration and the sales process to the modification of insurance contracts, calculation of reserves, settlement of claims, etc. Boris Bajić, Chief Executive Officer of Adacta, said:

“In addition to donating hardware equipment, Adacta will provide the Faculty of Economics of the University of Banja Luka with a free license for the AdInsure platform for educational needs as well as professionals who will train the Faculty of Economics teaching staff on how to use it."

One thing is certain: any student deciding to pursue a career in the insurance industry will work with a solution of this type, making the skills learned using AdInsure more than useful. Bajić, who is also a former student and winner of the Golden Plaque of the Banja Luka Faculty of Economics, further explained:

“Some general knowledge such as software development methodology or business solution integration, as well as specific knowledge regarding the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is required in various industries today. I am convinced that the students who attend these lectures will find these skills useful in their future careers in any industry they choose.”

According to Bajić, the company plans to offer scholarships for the best students, as well as paid internships in one of Adacta’s eight offices across Europe. He believes that students in Banja Luka should have the same opportunities as their peers in more developed countries, including practical experience with advanced software solutions they will encounter in the course of their working careers, as well as the possibility of internships and learning good international practices:

“Some of these students may find employment at one of our partner companies in the region, which is a benefit for our clients as well as for us. And finally, it is common to see students from such study programmes organize, start their own companies, and become Adacta's remote partners, which is of course a benefit for our company.”
He is confident that this collaboration will be a success since the Faculty of Economics welcomed this initiative and Dean Milenko Krajišnik and his team expressed wholehearted support. Krajišnik stressed that the Faculty of Economics works hard to provide the best learning environments for both its instructors and their students:

“Working with companies from the IT industry, such as Adacta, is very important not only because of their donations but also because it helps students develop the practical skills that will be very useful to them in terms of developing their competencies and future employment opportunities.”

Thanks to modern equipment and software, students and teaching staff can acquire new skills available anywhere in the world and take part in online presentations, scientific conferences, and other forms of learning and cooperation. He continued by adding that the Faculty of Economics is proud of the fact that this kind of cooperation is being established with world-class institutions and companies that are managed by or employ former students of the faculty. As he said for newspaper Nezavisne novine:

“This also proves that the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka can provide good knowledge that is recognized in the world. We appreciate the assistance Mr. Boris Bajić and Adacta have provided thus far and hope that it will continue to grow in the future."

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