Celebrating excellence at Adacta: The Star Awards honour our outstanding colleagues

Celebrating excellence at Adacta: The Star Awards honour our outstanding colleagues

Reach for the stars, and you might just become one! In Adacta, we take this saying quite literally. For over a decade, our Star Awards programme has honoured colleagues who have demonstrated exceptional performance. Last year, we presented 30 Star Awards and 10 Jubilee Awards!

The last week of the year deserves some sparkle. We got together in our offices to present the Star Awards to colleagues who shone the brightest in the year 2022.

Different stars in the Adacta Universe

The Star Awards have five categories: 

  • Most valuable player of the year goes to colleagues who have gone above and beyond their job description in some way.
  • Rising star is presented to those who are always looking to grow in new ways. 
  • Best knowledge sharers are employees who we feel hold the team together.
  • Customer whisperer is an award for the ones who have demonstrated exceptional client communication and relations skills.
  • Jubilee Awards acknowledge loyal colleagues marking their many years with Adacta. 

Adacta: a place to grow and prosper

We are happy to see we have so many exceptional team members. Together we presented 40 awards! We rewarded 30 colleagues for their extraordinary performance, and 10 colleagues celebrated their work anniversaries. Two colleagues have been with Adacta for more than two years, one for more than 15 years, five colleagues for more than 20 years, one for more than 25 years, and one for more than 30 yearsbefore Adacta even had its first office. Having so many jubilees makes us proud, as it shows that Adacta is a company where your career can grow and prosper.

Thank you to all the colleagues who did their best this year. We appreciate your shine!

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