Holiday Donations on Behalf of Adacta's Clients and Friends

Holiday Donations on Behalf of Adacta's Clients and Friends

As part of its commitment to supporting organizations that help neighbours and community members in need, Adacta once again matched the donation with corporate gifts. On behalf of its clients, the company donated to several organizations that work with children, youth, and adults.

Since its early beginnings, Adacta has been a proud supporter of many different organizations and initiatives that help, train, and educate younger generations and broader communities. As an international organization operating in numerous countries, Adacta lives this mission through working with individuals and organizations making the most significant impact in their respective local environments.

Adacta is headquartered nearby CUDV Draga and has seen first-hand the life-changing work the organization has been doing. This made it an obvious beneficiary of this year's holiday donation. CUDV Draga is a social service organization that provides training, education, work, health care, medical rehabilitation, and care to children, adolescents, and adults with mild to severe intellectual disabilities. It also serves as a facility for adults with other mental illnesses and acquired brain injuries.

Tatjana Popović, CEO of CUDV Draga, explained:

"In CUDV Draga, 500 children, adolescents, and adults with special needs attend school, therapies, workshops, and other activities distributed across all facilities and accommodation units. Information technology improves their lives and makes them easier, more joyful and entertaining. Especially during the pandemic, technology has proved particularly essential for this vulnerable group, which was subjected to considerably more limitations than usual and received even less contact and opportunities to socialize. We've discovered new and exciting ways to learn and work, so it will continue to deliver benefits in the future.
Zoom meetings are so much fun: classmates, professors, co-workers, and friends can see and hear each other, and they can chat, joke, scream, and laugh aloud. This helps them bridge and overcome numerous difficulties and challenges. Even when they are alone, the computer provides them with countless learning, therapy, work, and entertainment options. Of course, our organization cannot provide enough equipment for everyone, so donation like this is especially meaningful. Sincerely, we give a big thank you to Adacta, its clients, and partners.”

Adacta is also known for its year-round initiatives focused on helping children in Serbia. In December, the company connected with several organizations working with children of all ages. Together with Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth Zvečanska, The University Children's Clinic Tiršova, Institute for Rehabilitation Sokobanjska, and Children from Kosovo and Metohija, Adacta came up with a plan for the best way to contribute and is donating bedding, baby must-haves, gifts, sweets, and school supplies.

Grateful children and employees of the children's department of the Rehabilitation Clinic, Dr. Miroslav Zotović wrote: 

 "He, who gives, wins.
He makes someone smile.
Empowers someone's soul.
He looks at the man with the potential he carries.
That's how we all become a winning team together."

Each year, Adacta's team in the Czech Republic matches their employee gift funds with a donation to various organizations. This year, they partnered with The Krtek Children's Oncology Endowment Fund (NFDO Krtek). NFDO Krtek is a part of the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the Brno University Hospital, which makes Krtek uniquely positioned to focus comprehensively on treating children with cancer. Thanks to the cooperation of experts from the clinic with top research centers in our country and abroad, children are offered treatment at the highest possible level.


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