Telematics, ecosystems, and the role of Motor Insurers

Telematics, ecosystems, and the role of Motor Insurers

In the latest issue of Svet Osiguranja (World of Insurance), Sebastjan Plavec, CMO of Adacta, talks about insurance telematics – from its early beginnings to the sophisticated technologies putting telematics at the heart of motor insurance.

The article, published on 20 November, reads:

"Telematics is an area where insurers are not alone in the market. Instead, they face potential competitors and/or partners in the shape of car manufacturers. Most car manufacturers already collect large volumes of telematics data. Some even make them available, but access is expensive and data quality varies from one manufacturer to another. We know Tesla is a "data company", so the data from their cars are of the highest quality. And that is one reason why Tesla has started offering its own data-based insurance.

Telematics from vehicles shared in a standardized way could pave the way for the key element in digital transformation: ecosystems that connect car manufacturers that provide data on car and driver behaviour, AI platforms that process data, risk assessment platforms and insurers that offer innovative products, take on the risk and drive customer engagement.”

The article was first published in Svet osiguranja, a professional and market-oriented, independent magazine for law, economics, and practice in insurance and reinsurance.


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