Holiday donations and best wishes for the coming year

Holiday donations and best wishes for the coming year

With the holiday season around the corner, Adacta once again decided to make donations instead of buying customary corporate gifts. This year, on behalf of its clients, partners, and friends, Adacta and its employees once again partnered with several organizations to leave a positive mark on their local communities. 

Since its early inception, Adacta has backed various organizations and initiatives that help, train, and educate younger generations. Along with its year-round initiatives focused on promoting the constructive use of technology among younger generations, Adacta dedicated this year's holiday donation to primary school Jožeta Moškriča.  

Luka Blaganje, Acting Headmaster of Jože Moškrič Primary School expressed their gratitude:

"Thank you very much for donating a projector to the Jože Moškrič Primary School. Our music teacher was all smiles when she heard the outdated whiteboard and projector in her classroom were getting an upgrade. She is looking forward to being able to use the interactive features to which she had somewhat limited access until now. We have selected the best contractor to install the whiteboard and your - our - projector, and with the upcoming year, our students will be able to experience everything modern ICT equipment has to offer. Please, find attached two photos of the projector after it was received. I am also sending you photos of the classroom and the new projector in use."

Additionally, Adacta will support many initiatives chosen by its employees, including various causes focused on the welfare of children, the elderly, and animals. This year, the company connected with the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth at Zvečanska, the University Children's Clinic at Tiršova, and the Institute for Rehabilitation at Sokobanjska. Adacta donated newborn essentials, school supplies, new year gifts for kids, and financial donations to those in need. Living up to its pet-friendly office policy, the company gifted food and pet essentials to Ljubljana Animal Shelter Gmajnice. Additionally, a team of employees decided to match their employee gift funds with a donation to The Krtek Children's Oncology Endowment Fund. These diverse donations encouraged Adacta’s employees to join in supporting the causes close to their hearts and significantly increase the overall contributions and the good they do.

At Adacta we believe in empowering people – clients, partners, and our local communities - through technology. We also believe in supporting our employees and the causes they feel strongly about. We are incredibly proud of our employees and the good they do. Not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. As we close another successful year, we wish everyone in Adacta community peaceful holidays and a very happy 2023,said Boris Bajic, CEO of Adacta, on behalf of the Adacta management team.

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