Adacta shares experience and views on digital transformation at DigiMeet

Adacta shares experience and views on digital transformation at DigiMeet

DigiMeet is a series of online sessions taking place between 22 and 25 November. Organized by Mikrocop, a leading provider of solutions for efficient and legally compliant document management, the event promises to bring together seasoned professionals from various industries to discuss and share best practices for effective digital transformation.

Mikrocop`s DigiMeet series will host numerous experts in their respective fields discussing everything from customer-focused digital business and creating added value to the role the information security play in modern businesses.

The event will conclude with the panel entitled “Keeping up with accelerated pace of digital transformation”. The moderator of the event, Matej Praprotnik, Journalist and Head of digital services development at Radio Slovenia, will drive the discussion around the challenges, approaches, and technologies needed for a business to succeed in the digital age.

Guests include Jernej Mazi, Head of business development of Adacta, Nataša Pirc Musar, Partner and director of Pirc Musar & Lemut Strle, Klemen Bajt, President of the management board at Primorska hranilnica Vipava, Nevenka Nikolić, Deputy Director of Holmed, and Alenka Fic Mikolič, Manager of general affairs at Mikrocop.

Before the event, Jernej Mazi commented:

“Today, digital transformation is no longer a competitive advantage or a one-off project. Market leaders know that leaping forward requires continuous innovation. At the upcoming panel, I will share our experience about what drives innovation in the insurance space, how insurance companies and vendors are dealing with challenges, and how technology can be the cornerstone of the shift to digital.”

The panel will take place on 25 November at 11:00, CET. Learn more about the event or save your seat here.


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