Adacta announcing the ''Navigating Data Analytics: From Raw Data to BI and Decision Making'' webinar

Adacta announcing the ''Navigating Data Analytics: From Raw Data to BI and Decision Making'' webinar

Ljubljana, 6.9.2023Adacta, a leading provider of digital insurance software solutions, is announcing a free webinar scheduled for October 5th 2023, titled "Navigating Data Analytics: From Raw Data to BI and Decision Making’’. The session will delve into the intricacies of data strategy and the transformative power of business analytics in modern organizations with real-world applications.

As businesses globally are steering towards data-driven decision-making, understanding the nuances of data science and the role of business intelligence becomes paramount. To shed light on this, Adacta has orchestrated an online event bringing together data analytics experts.

In Adacta's upcoming webinar:

  • Borut Olenik, Data Insights Director at Celtra, will delve into the essence of a robust data strategy and the role of data personas in ensuring organizational success. His insights will offer a fresh perspective on how top-level guidance can shape the data journey of an organization.
  • Marko Sumina, Product Manager for Data Analytics at Adacta, will showcase the tangible impact of Adacta's solutions in driving business outcomes and enhancing customer experiences. From effectively tracking the most important insurance policy and claims metrics to utilizing machine learning for process optimization and increasing sales with a data-based embedded recommender system, Marko will provide a glimpse into Adacta's advanced solutions.

The webinar aims to offer insights for those interested in exploring the many facets of data science and business analytics. 

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About Adacta 

Adacta is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Its insurance platform – AdInsure – provides Life and P&C insurers with a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. Since 1989, Adacta has spent decades helping insurance organizations grow their digital capabilities and drive increased profit. Their mission is simple: Empower tomorrow's industry leaders to realize their potential through technology. 

About AdInsure

The AdInsure insurance platform is the digital foundation insurance businesses need to keep up with industry changes. It connects and supports all the insurance teams, helping them work smarter, launch faster, and provide modern customer experiences. Built around industry best practices, AdInsure combines comprehensive features in a single, unified platform. It delivers an innovative environment that connects insurance organization with emerging technologies, service providers, partners, and clients.

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