Adacta announces the 2023Q2 AdInsure release

Adacta announces the 2023Q2 AdInsure release

Adacta, a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, announced the 2023Q2 release of AdInsure insurance platform improvements. AdInsure, the platform insurers turn to innovate faster and grow their digital capabilities, now includes additional functionality further supporting insurers on their mission to become more agile, independent, and customer-focused.

We're thrilled to share the latest suite of improvements to the AdInsure platform, meticulously crafted to elevate user experience and streamline various aspects of insurance operations. This release introduces user-friendly UI controls and customization options, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience. Additionally, it brings to the forefront advanced features like the PAS Life-Indexation for automated policy management and standardized claims processing for service claims. The release also includes sophisticated features such as enhanced anomaly detection in claim calculations and dynamic management of accounting dimensions, making the AdInsure platform more robust and versatile than ever.  

AdInsure non-Life – Services Claim Management 

We've standardized the process for registering and managing service claims, whether handled on behalf of another insurance company or managed by a specialized service provider. The streamlined approach is designed to improve the efficiency of the claims process across insurers and service partners' claims teams. The New Service Claims features include defining policies, Claims management, and legal procedures. They are natively integrated with the AdInsure Policy Management System and Service provider management features of the Organization module.  

AdInsure Life - Life Insurance policy indexation   

The Life-Indexation feature automates the process of increasing the amount of insurance coverage across all policies with the indexation clause selected. It applies to both the main coverage and the raiders. It is signed to streamline the process across a wider policy portfolio to increase the efficiency and accuracy of policy management. This feature is essential in ensuring that the value of coverage remains intact and is not eroded by inflation, safeguarding policyholders' interests.   

Features applicable across insurance lines of business 

Anomalies detection in Claims handling 

This feature is designed to detect and flag anomalies in claim calculation entries by comparing them to historical data. When an unusual calculation is detected, the system immediately issues a warning, prompting additional verification, subsequently minimizing errors and streamlining the claim-handling process. 

Activity scheduling Visualization 

Our platform now includes seven new user-friendly widgets for viewing and managing scheduled activities at multiple levels. These widgets provide a comprehensive overview of scheduled activities, simplifying task management and improving visibility, efficiency, and the overall user experience in scheduling processes. 

Configuration-Based Accounting Dimensions 

This new feature allows configurators to define accounting attributes dynamically, with configuration instead of coding. Shifting from coding to configuration speeds up the initial setup during the implementation project, it simplifies the addition of dimensions throughout the project's lifetime and gives business configurators clearer insight into the current setup.  

 Customization capabilities and User Experience   

New UI controls and improvements provide an engaging user experience. Additionally, the release allows for customization of the search view filter context, allowing users to tailor the search view filter context to their specific needs and preferences. The improved platform also boasts UX/UI improvements for a more streamlined experience, and new themes for interface customization.   

About Adacta 
Adacta is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Its insurance platform – AdInsure – provides Life and P&C insurers with a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. Since 1989, Adacta has spent decades helping insurance organizations grow their digital capabilities and drive increased profit. Their mission is simple: Empower tomorrow's industry leaders to realise their potential through technology.  

About AdInsure 
The AdInsure insurance platform is the digital foundation your business needs to keep up with industry changes. It connects and supports all your teams, helping you work smarter, launch products faster, and provide modern customer experiences.

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