Delo: “In These Circumstances, Organizational Culture Is What Matters”

Delo: “In These Circumstances, Organizational Culture Is What Matters”

On 26 January, the Delo daily published an article focused on how the pandemic affected the people aspect of companies. Delo sat down with Valerija Marenče, Head of HR at Adacta, to discuss work from home, recruitment and retaining employees, and how Adacta’s company culture adapted to the new normal.

The article reads:

“The war for talent gained a new dimension during the coronavirus crisis. Work from home became the new normal, which drove significant growth in the pool of potential new people as it no longer matters whether an employee does their work from the next street or another continent. At the same time, this means companies must invest more effort into retaining them.

‘Most of our candidates are looking for stability and reliability, varied and interesting work in which they can always find new challenges and career development opportunities, including work on international projects and the ability to be a part of the implementation of new technologies, methodologies and innovations. Organizational culture is very important and plays a key role in retaining people,’ explained spokesperson for Adacta, a leading international software provider for the insurance industry based in Ljubljana.“

You can read the entire article here.

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