Adacta Continuing the Tradition of Sponsoring the Summer Computing Camp

Adacta Continuing the Tradition of Sponsoring the Summer Computing Camp

For the past several years, Adacta has repeatedly sponsored the Summer Computing Camp, allowing young coding enthusiasts and future IT professionals to learn about new technologies.

The 13th edition, organised by Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. and School of Future Maribor will be held in Gorenje nad Zrečami between 14 and 21 August. Young participants aged between 13 and 17 years and their mentors will gather and enjoy a week full of diverse experiences to help them take their first steps in the world of computing.

Boris Bajic, CEO of Adacta, comments:

“At Adacta, we want to encourage and empower our future generations to expand their knowledge in computing science. We are not surprised but happy to see that more and more children are eager to learn about new technologies. Summer computing camp is a great way for kids to experience real-life developing challenges and meet new like-minded companions. We believe that many of the participants will later drive successful careers in a certain field of computer science.”

Visit to learn more about the computing camp and Career page about internship opportunities and open positions at Adacta.


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