Adacta Celebrates the Season of Giving with a Flood Relief Donation to Firefighters

Adacta Celebrates the Season of Giving with a Flood Relief Donation to Firefighters

[11.12.2023, Ljubljana] - As Slovenia recovers from the catastrophic floods of August 2023, Adacta once again swapped the traditional holiday gifts for a donation on behalf of its clients, partners, and friends. This end-of-year initiative aims to assist the fire brigade from one of the most devastated areas.

The catastrophic floods led to widespread destruction, including the collapse of roads and bridges, disruptions in electricity and public transport, and the displacement of thousands of citizens. In an unprecedented display of community spirit and resilience, Slovenians came together to support the flood victims.

Responding to this crisis, Adacta has chosen to support the valiant efforts of the firefighters who have been instrumental in the rescue and relief operations, dedicating the funds towards purchasing a water pump, an essential tool in managing such natural disasters.

Boris Bajic, CEO of Adacta, expressed, 

“At Adacta, we believe in standing together, especially in times of need. That is why our tradition became a meaningful contribution, instead of the usual end-of-year activities. This year we decided on something that can have a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by the floods. It’s our way of saying we're here, not just as a business, but as a part of the wider community. This donation of a water pump, on behalf of our clients, partners, and friends, is our small gesture towards building Slovenia's resilience to these disasters and a helping hand to the brave firefighters in facing potential future challenges.”

Domen Suhoveršnik, a representative of PGD Gameljne firefighters added, 

“This generous donation will significantly boost our ability to respond to emergencies. The new water pump will be a vital asset in our rescue operations, helping us to protect our community more effectively.”

As we close this year, we are reminded of the strength we have when we come together. Adacta thanks its clients, partners, and friends for support as we remain united in our efforts to aid those in need. Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year from all of us at Adacta!

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