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The Sales module provides all the functionality needed to propel your sales process forward and conclude new insurance contracts. It empowers your sales force to collect information from leads, prepare non-binding and binding insurance quotes, and issue insurance policies. You can opt for life or non-life sales module configuration or both. 

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Quick and efficient insurance policy issuing

The configurable design of insurance data, workflows, dashboards and roles allows insurers to deliver the functionality needed in their specific sales process. 

Comprehensive workflow business and validation rules guide agents through the sales process. At the same time, a powerful rule-based underwriting system takes care of risk management, providing quick and seamless automatic approval for straightforward quotes and a detailed manual underwriting dashboard for more complex deals.

The sales functionality is tightly coupled with insurance product configurations. Every sales process reflects the relevant product configuration (insurance documents, workflows, rate rules) and can be quickly and easily reconfigured to reflect new business needs.


Key features

Insurance applications

Requests for new coverage can be submitted by agents or clients and incorporate the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) questionnaires providing a single application to create multiple quotes for different products.

Quotes and binding offers

Preparation of proposals containing the estimated cost of insurance coverage and support for agents to issue multiple quotes with the final underwritten proposal becoming the binding offer.


Ability to conclude policies based on accepted binding offers and view activated policies across all other modules (Billing, Accounting, Claims); option for amending policies through policy management processes.

Complex policies

Prepare and generate complex multi-object policies (different coverage groups containing multiple insured objects), large-volume policies (bulk import of insured objects), and master policies (combining several locations or operations under a single policy for the same party).


Support for multiple underwriting levels, automated generation of constraints to be approved (based on configured business rules), confirmation or rejection of quotes and issue of counteroffers.

Process automation

Automation based on the powerful workflow engine and the use of business rules for decision making, including automatic underwriting and policy activation.

Premium calculation

Automatic premium calculations are based on product-configured tariffs that support complex factors and discounts.

Contract and coverage overview

Detailed overview of all contracts (in accordance with user’s permissions), support for advanced filters such as sales network, contract terms, participants, and product attributes, detailed overview of coverages for each policyholder or insured object.

Fully guided workflow

Based on defined business and validation rules (e.g. age restrictions and mandatory data), system guides the agent throughout the process which results in an improved, streamlined user experience and increased efficiency of the process.

Generating documentation

Configuration and preparation of documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements and insurer standards: questionnaires, consents, client information, terms and conditions, offers, and policies.

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