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The Parties module lets you store and manage all actors that appear across different insurance business processes. This includes managing data, profiles, and interactions of various parties, such as customers, partners, users, and service providers. The module is fully integrated with other parts and provides functionality and related party data to all other AdInsure modules.

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Customizable party registry that supports all processes

Customizable party registry that supports all processes

Out of the box, parties can be configured using over 150 predefined attributes, including general data, addresses, bank accounts, personal documents, contacts, party relations, attachments, as well as compliance data, such as consent. Included data is highly configurable and extendable while new party types can be easily added, and all attributes can be adapted quickly to comply with the local legislation and align with specific client needs.

The Parties module also implements compliance and data logging requirements for party management activities. The party registry can be integrated easily with other registries, services, and external systems and acts as the central master database of client related data. 


Key features

Party management

Manage (register, modify, search, and review history and changes) all AdInsure parties, including insured persons, beneficiaries, natural persons, legal persons, and service providers.

Basic CRM features

Use the 360-degree customer view for an overview of personal information, sales opportunities, contracts, financial data, and claim statuses.


Use out-of-the-box deduplication of party entries. Configure automatic and manual deduplication proposals in accordance with business requirements.

Risk and compliance

Leverage out-of-the-box personal data protection support compliant with GDPR requirements as well as FATCA, CRS reporting, and AML/CFT.

Consent management

Ensure transparency and manage all customer consents governing holding, usage and transfer of their personal data.

Master database and integration possibilities

Integrate the module with registries and services such as company and address registries, and geolocation services. It can be implemented as the master client database and integrated with subordinate systems.

Audit trail

Define and monitor an audit trail to control how your users consume and access customer personal data. Audit trail records are the foundation for audits and data protection officer inquiries.

Data retention

Manage and monitor retention period rules for documents and document groups in accordance with GDPR requirements.

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