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The Organisation module allows insurers to define the organisational aspects of their work. The module is used to define basic organisational structures as well as internal and external actors such as internal sales networks and service providers. Actors’ roles are defined across insurance processes to drive their collaboration. 

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From user definitions to sales force management

From user definitions to sales force management

The user management functionality is used to set permissions for all AdInsure users and applies to single users or specific user groups (users with similar assignments). Insurers can set user and group permissions for various types of data available in AdInsure – documents, processes, attachments, and even document states. To facilitate the deployment, the user management functionality can be simply integrated with existing directory services.

The module features a rich work calendar covering organization, group and user availability and absence. The availability feature is further extended with activity workflows that cover all AdInsure business modules. The Sales force management functionality includes agent training.


Key features

Activity management

Use activity workflows for configurable process management with task assignment based on work capacities and smart assignment functions as well as manual resource planning.

Application user management

Register and modify application roles, manage the user group formal organisation structure, define users, and assign user permissions.

Organisation hierarchy management

Register, modify, view, and deactivate the organisational hierarchy. Extend the organisational hierarchy with market segment and business segment dimensions.

Service provider management

Register, modify, view and deactivate different types of service providers (agents, employees, brokers, medical service providers).

Sales force management

Use the organisational hierarchy definition combined with user group permissions for complex organisational unit structures, fully supporting sales force management as well as agent training management in accordance with the IDD directive.

Work calendar

Track availability and absences company-wide or at individual user level. Use calendar data for more informed and efficient resource planning and task management.


Leverage the full integration with all other AdInsure modules to align business processes with organisational hierarchy, user permissions and service provider data.


Rely on standard protocols for fast and easy integration with existing directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory (on-premise, Azure), and auditing solutions.

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