Data analytics

The Data analytics module provides an at-a-glance overview of the company's performance. Insight generation and explanations help insurance professionals explore and analyze data more effectively than they could do manually.

Data analytics
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Data analytics

The Data analytics module provides real-time decision-making capabilities embedded directly in the AdInsure platform. Using data from a dedicated analytical data warehouse, the architecture is fully optimized to be used together with all available business intelligence tools. The visualizations and architecture are fully configurable and can be tailored to each client separately.

Executives can use the feature to track and analyze company-wide KPIs at various business levels (i.e., Policy, Premium, Claims, Reinsurance). The sales staff can track individual statistics and planned amounts to spot trends faster, perform more efficiently, and predict outcomes.

Data Analytics

Key features

Different business overviews

Get business intelligence insights on premium, policy, claim/recovery, reinsurance, and commission levels.

Advanced analytics tailored for insurance

Carefully considered insurance risk and underwriting dimensions for intelligent portfolio tracking.


The most advanced IT pipeline designed specifically for data analytics purposes.

Highlighting and filtering

Cross-filter or cross-highlight the related values in other visuals on the same report page.

Embedded in AdInsure

Use white-label data analytics software directly within AdInsure.

Planning overview

Analyze planned amounts across several different dimensions.

Architecture configurability

Easily configure the back end based on a variety of different client needs.

Ongoing development and updates

Automatic updates and newly added functionality.

Out-of-the box

Basic functionality and predefined insurance reports already included in core AdInsure licensing.

Dedicated data warehouse

Normalized analytical data warehouse constructed with data analysis needs in mind.


Easily export the highlighted or filtered data to .csv or .xlsx formats.

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