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Billing & Collection

The Billing and Collection module provides financial obligation management features. It supports automatic and manual creations of various documents, such as invoices, billing documents, SEPA Direct Debit-related documents, reminder notices, and legal procedures.

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Configurable and automated processes
Billing & Collection

Configurable and automated processes

The module's powerful business rule functionality supports setting up parameters for the automation of invoicing, billing, and dunning processes. The documents are created and sent to respective customer and partners of the insurance company automatically.

Files can be exported in various supported formats and provide an easy way to adapt the process and embed/integrate it with external systems.

The Billing and Collection module exposes and uses information from all other AdInsure modules. It is tightly integrated with the Sales and Policy management modules that serve as sources of data about customers’ financial obligations. The integration with Consents functionality leverages its various customer consent or mandate types. Direct Debit-related functionalities comply with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) standard.

Billing & Collection

Key features

Payment modes

Support for several types of collection and methods of payment (SEPA Direct Debit, Universal Payment Order (UPN), PayPal, credit cards).


Automatic creation of invoices, recurring invoicing, invoicing by instalments determined by a payment schedule and support for combining several policies on a single invoice.

Posting to accounting journals

Automatic posting of generated invoices and collected payments.

Billing process

Automatic and manual generation of billing documents with the Universal Payment Order form and a QR code; the ability to add quotes or custom items to billing documents.

Direct Debit management

Automatic creation of standard SEPA Direct Debit request and cancellation files, processing of response files and management of related consents.

Reminder notices

Automatic creation and tracking of various levels of payment reminder notices for overdue accounts receivable using predefined rules.

Dunning procedures

Support for tracking and calculating the cost of legal procedures and enforcement related to defaults.

Exclusion list

An option to exclude selected customers or contracts from reminder and dunning processes.


Standard set of reports for created documents (invoices, billing documents, reminder notices, SEPA Direct Debit requests) using various search parameters.

Business rule configuration

User-friendly configuration of business rules that can be set up to automate all supported processes.

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