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The Accounting module handles the accounting evidence of business transactions undertaken across AdInsure modules. Always up-to-date postings provide real-time insights into your operations. 

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Configurable supporting resources

Configurable supporting resources

The Accounting module is a flexible and invaluable resource for modern insurance businesses. It facilitates the handling of accounts receivable and payable using accurate, analytical, and up-to-date information. It ensures efficient management of outgoing and incoming payments through an automated process for generating payment orders and bank statement consolidations.

You can export information to various formats and integrate the module efficiently with other external systems.


Key features

Journal management

Post all business events in real time from all business modules and the accounting module itself.

Accounting period management

Handle accounting periods and prepare data for export to an external general ledger.

Entry period management

Transfer the data from subledgers to an external general ledger at any time.

Accounts receivable and payable handling

Handle existing accounts receivable and accounts payable to ensure that all relevant business transactions that tackle Accounts Receivable and Account Payable are recorded. Impair or write off accounts receivable and transfer debt from a customer to an intermediary.

Accounting card management

Improve insight with a flexible and comprehensive overview of posted balance account entries and their related subledger postings.

Bank statement consolidation

Manage cash inflows and cash outflows through bank statements.

Payment order management

Manage the payment orders that must be paid by the insurance company and the netting process within.

Debt rescheduling

Reschedule debts for overdue accounts receivables.

Accounting Calendar

Ensure the observance of (non)working day rules across all AdInsure modules.

Accounting reports

Ensure accurate and effective accounting management.

Multi-currency support

Easily conduct business across multiple geographical regions.

Chart of accounts

Leverage a fully configurable and flexible chart of accounts.

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