Technology as the backbone of insurance ecosystems, innovation, and sales strategy

Insurers, insurance greenfields, insurtechs, and insurance service providers – join us for a deep dive into multi-brand portfolios and the technology making it all happen. Think cloud computing, APIs, and rapid product configuration.

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The underlying challenge - technology

Challenged by talent retention, organizational culture, and inflexible legacy systems, traditional insurers often lack the speed and agility to bring their digital-first initiatives to life. Similar is true of new insurance start-ups.

“It is key for insurers, start-ups, and intermediaries to reconsider cooperation to deal with innovation and better customer service as well as for preparing for the platform and ecosystem economy. First and foremost, any new initiative requires a strong technological backbone.”

Frank Genheimer, New Insurance Business

When launching digital-first spin-offs, building start-ups, or simply rolling out new products, technology can either make or break the project. Adacta`s webinar will take a detailed look at technology guidelines for future innovators. Join our online session to find out about the latest trends in new business and cooperation models that are driving the change from the traditional value chain to platforms and ecosystems. 

You will also learn how to leverage AdInsure to position yourself as an innovative provider of powerful insurance solutions.

“We have spent years working with insurers, gathering their feedback and building it into AdInsure. Our solution now ticks all the boxes for digital-first insurers, providing a modern platform with out-of-the-box APIs built-in integration capabilities and cloud support while ensuring fast implementation times, agility, and much more.”

Peter Godec, Solution Architect, Adacta

what will you learn


Our first Insurance Innovation Platform webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How new cooperation models are accelerating the transformation of the insurance business
  • The major ingredients of ecosystems
  • A quick guide on how to start your own insurance revolution
  • The role and benefits of multi-brand strategies
  • The profile and technology requirements of a greenfield start-up
  • Digital-first platforms
  • Powerful data models and APIs
  • Fast-track deployment of new insurance portfolios
  • Delivery of delightful and engaging user and customer experiences
  • Insurance and the cloud
  • The role and features of advanced core system technology

Meet the

Frank Genheimer

Frank Genheimer
Frank is Managing Director with New Insurance Business (NIB), a consulting company and innovation think tank that offers strategic and tactical consulting in the area of products, innovation and digitization. NIB provides a portfolio of connected startups and cooperation partner as well as a set of jointly developed and implemented digital concepts and products. Before Frank founded NIB, he worked as product developer, project manager, product manager and life actuary within different insurance groups and for several European countries. During his career, he developed from a hybrid actuary and product guy to the Swiss army knife of insurance business. He is a regular speaker and moderator at seminars, workshops and various other events throughout the financial service industry.

Peter Godec
With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Peter is a seasoned professional who knows his way around ancient as well as emerging technologies. He began his career as a software developer for Adacta’s original core business - directory publishing solutions and has soon moved to building core insurance systems. Over the years, Peter gained technical expertise as well as wide-ranging knowledge of insurance-related business processes. Now a solution architect working on the AdInsure platform, Peter continues to leverage this knowledge to ensure continuous development and improvement of AdInsure.
Boris Bajić

Boris Bajić
Boris is Chief Executive Officer of Adacta, a leading software provider for the insurance industry. He joined the company in 2016 after spending five years at the Insurance Agency of Republika Srpska. In his new role as a business analyst, Boris was responsible for properly understanding and communicating the insurers’ requirements to the software implementation process. Boris soon advanced to the position of Chief Product Officer, where he was responsible for the design and development of the latest version of Adacta’s flagship product – AdInsure, an end-to-end platform for insurance companies. In early 2020, Boris was appointed the CEO of Adacta, responsible for managing overall operations and execution of high-level strategic decisions. With his strong background in insurance and as a certified actuary, Boris often steps into the role of a trusted advisor when working with insurance market leaders in CEE.

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