Electric Scooters–Recognize How to Close the Insurance Gap Now

As electric scooters rise in popularity, this innovation is opening legislative questions such as incident liability. These questions provide insurance companies with opportunities for new insurance products.

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The challenge for insurers is to provide applicable products and services to keep up with emerging risks in a timely manner and set apart from the competition. What happens if an e-scooter driver causes an accident? How can an insurance company cover provide coverage? Despite the many challenges insurers face in the future, new tech is ready to provide support.

We’re offering insights into the German insurance industry to answer these questions and more.

  • Safety considerations and the business opportunities associated with them
  • Determine how e-scooter drivers receive rental coverage
  • Learn how insurers are improving time to market for products and services
  • New generation IT and its role in market developments
  • Understand the role of technology and its flexibility regarding future initiatives

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