Insurance IT: Boosting Innovation with New Platform Solution

Insurance IT: Boosting Innovation with New Platform Solution

"Digital transformation is rocking the German insurance market. As companies look for new innovative solutions, they are no longer just looking at the traditional consultants and IT providers but increasingly at new players as well. These might be Insurtech companies who are increasingly relying on partnerships with established insurers. However, they might also be providers from other regions who are increasingly looking to play a creative role in the German market at the dawn of the digital transformation of the German insurance industry." 

Read the complete article Versicherungs-IT: Innovationsschub über neue Plattform-Lösung published in Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen published on 15th October.

Hi, we’re Adacta—a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Our insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes.

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