In the press: Adacta is coming to Germany

In the press: Adacta is coming to Germany

As Adacta enters the  German insurance market with the Adinsure insurance platform, CEO Zoran Slanic discusses our plans, experience, and solutions with Versicherungsmonitor, one of the most influential and knowledgeable media outlets in the German insurance industry.

"In Eastern Europe, the company has already been successful, and now success in Germany is sure to follow: The Slovenian IT service provider Adacta wants to use its platform solution "AdInsure" for German insurers with obsolete systems. Zoran Slanic, General Director of Adacta Ljubljana, knows that there may be some resistance and not every insurer is willing to restructure their  IT systems. Nevertheless, this  IT provider wants to benefit from the booming insurance business in Germany. They already have their first customer."  

Read the full article "Adacta kommt nach Deutschland" published in Versicherungsmonitor

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