In the media: Adacta Fintech | Expansion to Germany

In the media: Adacta Fintech | Expansion to Germany

Adacta Fintech is expanding to the German insurance market, with a goal, to help insurers switch to modern and cost-effective platform solution.

In the well-known magazine for the top-management in insurance and governance Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen, Zoran Slanič, CEO of the company explained: "We want to take away the fear of digital transformation for smaller and medium-sized insurance companies and help them realize their goals quickly and successfully."

“Adacta Fintech, a Slovenian IT company, will be arriving in Munich in September. Under the AdInsure brand, Adacta offers a two-in-one platform for all non-life composite insurance providers and the application can be extended to cover life insurance. According to the company, the solution can be used to migrate old portfolios as well as create new insurance concepts.”

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