The 2020 Adacta Star Awards Honour Motivation, Momentum, and Mindset

The 2020 Adacta Star Awards Honour Motivation, Momentum, and Mindset

For more than 10 years, the Star Awards program has honoured the best of the best at Adacta. Every year, our colleagues from around the countries are celebrated across two different categories – Rookie and the Most valuable player of the year. In 2020, we added a new one – The Extraordinary achievement of the year. The awards also acknowledge the commitment and perseverance of our colleagues who are in it for the long haul, marking their jubilees.

Serving as the annual benchmark of best-in-class, the Star Awards represent an opportunity to recognize our pledge of excellence and are a special and fulfilling way to acknowledge the efforts and positive mindsets of our talented colleagues.

Rookies of the Year

The first award category recognizes our new junior colleagues who impressed us with their knowledge, solutions, and attitude.

Miha Kloar – For his incredible dedication and enthusiasm.
Tatjana Rojc –For her independence and resourcefulness.
Sabina Fortun – For her willingness to share her enthusiasm with those around her.
Tian Kešeljević – For his talent and positive energy.
Aldin Kuljanović – For his great potential and dedication.
Goran Stijelja – For his passionate and positive approach to everyday challenges.
Marina Kovač – For her significant contribution to development while graduating from college.

Most Valuable Players

The MVP awards go to our outstanding colleagues who went the extra mile in 2020.

Petra Cirar – For her business expertise and people handling skills.
Mojca Vrbančič – For her excellent service to our customers and dedication to our team.
Gorazd Kovačič – For his knowledge and willingness to learn and master new things.
Sebastjan Plavec – For his determination and out-of-the-box thinking.
Blaž Balon – For his positive work attitude, broad knowledge, and willingness to help.
Borut Žagar – For his effort and skills that make a difference.
Damijan Dolenec – For his experience in the field and dedication.
Andrija Zečević – For his ability to work in a team and dedication to providing creative and stable solutions.
Nikola Aleksić – For his professionalism and his outgoing approach.
Igor Petrović – For his mentoring skills and calmness.

Extraordinary achievements

The Extraordinary title is granted to our colleagues who accomplished something exceptional outside their line of work and consequently inspired others to do the same.

Anže Robida – For excelling at everything he does, not complaining but rather taking matters into his own hands.
Igor Mileusnić – For overcoming all challenges and sharing his knowledge as well as wisdom.

Jubilee Awards

Here is to the advice, knowledge, and experience! Congratulation to our colleagues who know Adacta and AdInsure to their core.

Boštjan Barut – 10 years
Dragan Zdovc – 15 years
Dragan Sladojević – 15 years

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