EUB Drives Business Transformation with Adacta’s AdInsure Insurance Platform

EUB Drives Business Transformation with Adacta’s AdInsure Insurance Platform

EUB, a leading travel insurance company in Hungary offering innovative travel insurance products on the Hungarian market, and Adacta, the provider of the AdInsure insurance platform, are happy to announce that EUB will deploy AdInsure to modernise their systems. This project will transform EUB’s business operations, enable innovation, and significantly enhance their customer service.

The project has already moved from the scoping to implementation phase, is planned to be carried out in stages and is expected to finish next year.

“In today’s modern business environment, how well you meet customer expectations greatly depends on how modern and innovative your operational processes and IT-systems are. As Hungary’s leading travel insurer, it has been our strategic goal to develop a core system that will help us consolidate the massive amounts of data we work with, effectively manage our back-office operations, and increase our productivity while reducing costs and human errors. We have chosen Adacta because of the company’s extensive and renowned insurance know-how, and we trust that AdInsure’s modular and flexible architecture will provide us with the easiest integration and maintenance possible.”

- Zsuzsanna Balázs Deputy CEO of EUB

As part of their strategy, EUB will focus on improving operational efficiency by streamlining and standardising processes on a modern software technology platform. With the AdInsure platform, EUB will not only improve their agents’ user experience and productivity, but also enhance customer service while lowering operational costs. Alongside streamlined business operations, AdInsure's future-proof technology will enable quick roll-outs of new customer-centric EUB products in the future.

“We are very pleased that EUB have recognised AdInsure as the best fit for their business challenges. The insurance landscape today is changing rapidly, and insurers operate in a fiercely competitive environment that requires them to optimise costs whilst simultaneously enhancing agent productivity and raising the customer experience to a higher level. AdInsure is a modern insurance platform that will help EUB to capitalise on innovative technologies to reach the market faster and achieve sustained success. We are certainly looking forward to the road ahead.”

- Ninoslav Đorđević, Executive Director EU at Adacta AdInsure

About EUB
EUB is a Hungarian insurer specialised in travel insurance who offer a full range of accident, health, and baggage insurance services. With a long history of business operations, a strong financial background and multinational owners, EUB’s primary goal is to expand their product portfolio, offer more personalised insurance products and deliver great customer experience.

About AdInsure
AdInsure is a powerful insurance platform that helps Life and P&C insurers streamline business processes, improve user experience and manage change effectively. It is a single platform with comprehensive functionality and extensive capabilities providing an innovative environment, ready to connect with emerging technologies, service providers, partners, and clients.

Hi, we’re Adacta—a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Our insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes.

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