Tieto's Insurance-in-a-Box [iiB] powered by Adacta's AdInsure - Live Presentation at DIA Munich

Tieto's Insurance-in-a-Box [iiB] powered by Adacta's AdInsure - Live Presentation at DIA Munich

We are proud to announce that Adacta's AdInsure lies at the heart of Tieto’s Insurance-in-a-Box [iiB] solution that is going to be presented on-stage at the DIA Munich conference 2018, the must-attend event for Insurtech and innovators in insurance.

AdInsure and the emerging insurance platforms

Insurance-in-a -Box [iiB] is a disruptive insurance platform that enables modern insurers to address both the diversity of consumer needs and the complexity of changing role of insurers moving business into the cloud. While AdInsure was designed to cover products and processes from all lines of business, its open architecture combined with cloud readiness makes it an excellent choice for partners that build and run innovative platforms such as the [iiB].

AdInsure’s fully configurable insurance business logic

The first public appearance of Tieto’s Insurance-in-a-box [iiB] took place at DIA Amsterdam in 2017 supporting the Property and Casualty lines of business. Today the [iiB] and AdInsure cooperation covers also the Life and Pension lines of business. Insurance-in-a-Box leverages two of the key propositions of the AdInsure core system, its flexibility and configurability - AdInsure can be easily configured to support any future line of business.

To see the Tieto mobile wealth management application in action, visit us at DIA Munich 2018

DIA Munich 2018 will offer a demo of the [iiB] mobile application developed for insurance start-ups to efficiently and effectively disrupt the insurance business with a mobile wealth management application.

At DIA Munich 2018, AdInsure partner Tieto will showcase “how policy administration (AdInsure), Fund Core (Tieto), goal-based planning (Ortec) and banking APIs can integrate with Social Media (FB & LinkedIn) to dynamically adjust insurance and savings components to support real life situations.” (source: Tieto).

At the core of the new wealth management is the AdInsure core system running in the Azure cloud, providing a rating engine and support for new business and policy administration processes.

See you at DIA Munich 2018

If you would like to learn more about Adacta’s vision and road-map for our next generation AdInsure platform, please feel free to get in touch with us during our time at DIA Munich 2018.  


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