Our Cup of Tea: Talking About Insurtech Disrupting Financial Services

Our Cup of Tea: Talking About Insurtech Disrupting Financial Services

September's Tea with reason, a conference organized by British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, promises to bring together an array of professionals from the financial industry to discuss the future of banking, insurance, and financial services.

Tea with reason conference entitled “Fintech and Insurtech disrupting financial services” is coming to Ljubljana on 18 September. It offers participants a unique opportunity to learn more about how successful banks are managing new regulations, open banking and new players that are disrupting traditional banking. With the insurance industry on a similar path, the event includes a round table discussing the role and influence of Insurtech in the insurance industry.

“BSCC recognizes the importance of digital transformation in the financial sector and invites regional leaders in the banking and insurance industries to express their views on the upcoming technology trends. I'm eager to learn how the market leaders in the insurance sector perceive changes, and how companies like Adacta Fintech can help them grow and improve their day-to-day business.”

Boris Bajic, Chief Product Officer, Adacta Fintech, moderator of the round table

Follow the link to learn more about the event.

About British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC)
BSCC is a non-governmental, bi-lateral British-Slovenian chamber, established to build trade between the two countries, while also including all members from all countries and focusing on helping our members increase their business in Europe.

About Adacta Fintech
Adacta Fintech is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Our insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. Formed in 1989, we’ve spent decades helping insurance organisations grow their digital capabilities and drive increased profit. Our mission is simple: empower tomorrow’s industry leaders to realize their potential through technology.

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