EUB Ensures Operational Efficiency, Delightful UX, and Innovation-Ready Infrastructure With the AdInsure Insurance Platform

EUB Ensures Operational Efficiency, Delightful UX, and Innovation-Ready Infrastructure With the AdInsure Insurance Platform

Adacta, a leading insurance software provider, announced that it has transformed EUB`s key business processes using the AdInsure platform. This marks a new milestone in the digital transformation of EUB, a leading Hungarian travel insurer with a long history, a strong financial background, and multinational owners. Since mid-2019, the two companies’ alliance has focused on improving operational efficiency and expanding as well as enhancing EUB`s product portfolio.

Following an extensive business analysis, the two companies have agreed on a clear project scope, including methodology, timeline, and solution design. EUB`s current administration system is going to be replaced by AdInsure, a modern insurance platform that supports the majority of EUB`s products and processes using AdInsure Sales, Policy Management, Party, Organisation, Claims, Recoveries, Billing, and Accounting modules. EUB will soon be able to reap all the benefits of completely transformed processes and plans by having the Commissions module added to the new landscape at the next release.

“EUB`s goal has always been to surpass customer expectations. Whether or not we can achieve this objective greatly depends on how modern our operational processes and IT systems are. With Adacta’s AdInsure, we expect to be able to consolidate an enormous amount of data and streamline our processes in an innovation-ready environment. AdInsure’s modular and flexible architecture is the easiest and fastest way to respond to market demands for years to come.”

- Zsuzsanna Balázs Deputy CEO, EUB

“In today's fast-paced world the insurers’ capability to quickly respond to the market changes largely determines their market position. EUB has stayed a market leader for a long time by always innovating and constantly improving. We are certain that AdInsure will enable them to pick up the pace and I cannot wait to see all the ingenious ways they will use the platform to serve their customers even better.”

- Ninoslav Đorđević, Executive Director EU, Adacta

About EUB
EUB is a Hungarian insurer specialised in travel insurance offering a full range of accident, health, and baggage insurance services. With a long history of business operations, a strong financial background and multinational owners, EUB’s primary goal is to expand their product portfolio, offer more personalised insurance products, and deliver a great customer experience.

About Adacta
Adacta is a leading software provider for the insurance industry. Our insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. Established in 1989, we have spent decades helping insurance organisations grow their digital capabilities and drive increased profit. Our mission is simple: empower tomorrow’s industry leaders to realise their potential through technology.

About AdInsure
AdInsure is a powerful insurance platform that helps Life and P&C insurers streamline business processes, improve user experience and manage change effectively. It is a single platform with comprehensive functionality and extensive capabilities providing an innovative environment, ready to connect with emerging technologies, service providers, partners, and clients.

Hallo, wir sind Adacta – ein führender Softwareanbieter für die Assekuranz. Unsere Versicherungsplattform AdInsure bietet Lebens- und Kompositversicherern eine nachhaltige Möglichkeit, ihre Abläufe und Prozesse effizienter zu gestalten.

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