VTB Life and Non-Life

AdInsure implementation in Russian insurance company

VTB Life and Non-Life

Since 2000, VTB Insurance has consistently provided a wide range of award-winning insurance services to its clients. VTB Insurance aims to offer comprehensive protection for both Russian businesses and individuals. The authorized capital of VTB Insurance is 1.54 billion roubles, with insurance premiums standing at 22.7 billion roubles as of the end of 2012. VTB Insurance has branches and outlets in over 50 of Russia’s largest cities.

Project summary

  • AdInsure Non-life Claims module implementation (1st phase)
  • AdInsure Non-life PAS module implementation (2nd phase)
  • Full general insurance process coverage
  • Complex integrations through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Migration of legacy data

Project results

Adacta started analysis for Claims module implementation in November, 2013. Pilot go-live for claims was in July 2014. Adacta and VTB Insurance are continuing implementation of the claims module and have started implementation of AdInsure PAS module.


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