What the job of Software Tester is like at Adacta, with Jana

What the job of Software Tester is like at Adacta, with Jana

In computer science, there’s an unsung hero in every software development project: the software tester. If you have a habit of finding bugs or problems in software, or you have strong opinions about how software could be better, a software testing job may be for you.

Meet Jana, Software Tester, former student of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and check out what the job of software tester is like at Adacta.

Jana, tell us your story, why did you decide to apply for the position of Software Tester at Adacta?

Having nearly completed my studies, I started working as a marketing assistant for a start-up. Although I enjoyed it, it wasn't the career path I had imagined for myself . So after three years of living abroad I decided it was time to continue my studies back in Ljubljana. The only issue I had was that I couldn't imagine being out of work again , so I decided to find a student job. The only condition I set for myself was to find a job at a company where I would like to work long term. Adacta was quite frequently mentioned during our studies as one of the benchmark IT companies in Slovenia. In addition, a good friend of mine was already working here. It was a coincidence that a position became available on the day I updated my CV, so I wrote a covering letter and tried my luck. A year-and-a-half-later I still think that things couldn't have worked out better.

What is the day of a Software Tester like at Adacta?

A software tester is an indispensable part of a development team, a functionality is not finished until a tester confirms it. A typical day is very diverse, from testing new functionalities, helping developers, consulting on product usage and reporting bugs. While developers only “see” a part of the system, the tester eventually becomes the person that knows the system best from a user’s perspective.

Did you have any technical knowledge before joining Adacta?

I had some technical knowledge but I gained most of it during work here. In Adacta we regularly have internal lectures which are crucial for familiarizing myself with the product. Furthermore, all of my co-workers are always ready to help. I think that knowledge transfer within the team has helped me most in quickly being able to work independently.

You were a student at the Faculty of Economics (Informatics), do you think that field of study helped you with the basic knowledge required to work as a software tester?

I enrolled at the Faculty of Economics because I wanted to study business informatics, and I didn't regret it. During my studies I gained some technical knowledge on databases and the basics of programming, as well as increasing my knowledge of processes and ERP systems. An extra bonus of studying business informatics is that all the professors are awesome, in my opinion the best at the Faculty of Economics. To summarize, the knowledge that I gained at my faculty was really helpful in my work.

You work using Scrum methodology. How would you describe the method to someone who is not familiar with it?

Scrum is an agile method of software development; using it, companies can develop faster and become more effective. In practice this means that development is divided into individual tasks. Once a week the whole team gathers at a meeting in which the technical lead explains how to implement a task as well as expectations. For testers the meetings are important, because they should be able to form a general testing plan for each task after these meetings. You can find more about scrum method here.

Who would you recommend the role of Software Tester to?

I would recommend the role of a software tester to anyone who is interested in seeing the creation of an information system, who is creative and capable of thinking outside the box.

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