What the job of Software Developer is like at Adacta, with Jure

What the job of Software Developer is like at Adacta, with Jure

Meet Jure, Software Developer, former student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Why did you come to Adacta, what drew you here?

Upon my return from postdoctoral studies in America, I had a choice of several opportunities for the continuance of my professional career. There are many reasons why I decided on Adacta. I had a friend who at that time was already working in the team I applied to, so he had a good insight of the work I would be doing, as well as of the team’s dynamics. Besides, in my opinion, Adacta has perfected the process of employment and has a fair relationship towards potential new employees, since, at all times, I had the feeling that they really wanted to see me working for them. At the same time, they trusted in my knowledge even though I had not worked with such technologies until then. Of course, they offer a competitive salary as well. What programming languages do you work with?

What programming languages do you work with?

C#, JavaScript, TypeScript.

What programming languages did you know before you came to Adacta, and which ones did you learn?

I knew Bash, C, C++ and Python and I learned C#, JavaScript and TypeScript.

How did you learn the ones you did not know?

After arriving at Adacta, I first had to learn C# which in fact is syntactically very similar to C++, which I already knew. Nevertheless, every language is different and has its own idioms that need to be adopted. I believe that the easiest way to learn a language, programming or a regular one, is through usage. For this reason, I immediately joined the team and started working on solving tasks with the help of the internet. I am lucky to be working with a great team that have helped me whenever I have hit a wall. I learned a lot from code reviews as well. I proceeded similarly later on when I had to learn JavaScript and TypeScript. Due to the specifics of JavaScript, I also spent a lot of time reading articles and books on the particularities of this language.

What is your job at Adacta?

At Adacta I work within the group that develops a system for selling insurance policies. Currently, we are developing a new version of this system, which makes the work more diverse. Among the sole code writing, my work also includes planning the work process for our users, improving the environment for easier development and configuration of the system, and the configuration of test products. Because the system is new, good collaboration between the teams is also essential.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of your work?

The biggest plus is most definitely that in one year I have learned tons. Not only about programming and programme design, but also about the insurance business itself and working in and between teams. I love that I am working on the new version of the product, where I can help with architectural decisions that affect future development. Another advantage is collaboration among teams because you meet many interesting people. However, working for a big organisation means that you do not choose your work, but that the tasks come from elsewhere.

Who would you recommend the job of developer at Adacta to?

To anyone interested in programming in C# and JavaScript languages, those interested in what insurance companies do in the background, and to anyone who likes to work in an open office.

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