Take a look at  Adacta's Games Room

Take a look at Adacta's Games Room

The most valuable part of our company is the people, and we are aware that if we want to move our business forward we have to start there – with human capital.

Our employees have many benefits and perks, but the latest is the most interesting. Would you let your employees  play during work?  

After working hard on  projects employees can often feel drained.  However, at Adacta they don't need to travel  far to find a great place to recharge.

Let's take a look at what our employees can find in our  games room:

1. Nintendo switch

It's the only place to play the best available games. 😉

2. Chess

Games such as chess, which challenge the brain,  actually stimulate the growth of dendrites, the bodies that send out signals from the brain’s neuron cells.  

3. Pull up Bar

Just like that, several people have become  a lot more active during office hours.  

4. “Unbeatable“ Rubik's Cube

Whoever manages to solve this  puzzle in the shortest time will receive free lunches for a whole week.  

5. Punching bag

Punching  bags boost mental alertness, concentration, and thus productivity. So, next time you’re in a little rut at work,  take a minute or 3 to hit the bag 😉

6. Green grass floor

The colour green has been shown to help people relax. That’s because it’s the  colour most associated with nature. Being in a calm and relaxed state of mind can help increase productivity. 

7. Widescreen TV

Sure, for one thing you can't play Nintendo Switch without a TV – but it's also pretty difficult to watch important sports events without one! ;) So, when these big days arrive, we are ready! ;)

Looking for a career?

Adacta is the perfect place for someone like you. Our company offers you the opportunity to realise your full potential. You will always get the right encouragement for your ideas and initiatives, and there is simply no better place to make progress in your career.

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