Jure, from QA Engineer to Software Developer

Jure, from QA Engineer to Software Developer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer designs and executes product testing in order to identify and fix a product's flaws before it goes  to market.

Software quality assurance engineers are sometimes confused with software testers. Software testers test parts of the software at different stages of development, whereas a software quality assurance engineer oversees the entire development process, which includes software testing, from start to finish.

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Jure, tell us your story, why did you decide to start working at Adacta two years ago?

I was finishing my university education and I needed an internship to complete it. I got some information from a friend of a friend that Adacta was offering internships, so I sent my resume, and soon afterwards I got a call and scheduled an interview. At the interview, I was told there were plans to start working on automated testing and as I was interested in that, I was hired. First, I worked as a student and later as a regular employee.

How would you describe the work of a QA engineer, what is most interesting about this job?

The work I was doing as a QA engineer varied from time to time, most of it was checking testing results, reporting bugs and then working on code for automated tests to either improve existing tests or to write completely new ones. It was very interesting to see how time and effort can be saved when functionalities are tested by an automated testing framework and not a human tester. Also, it was always fun to explore the flexibility and programmability of the testing framework.

Did you have any technical skills before joining Adacta, and how did you gain missing skills?

I knew about IT systems and programming, which I acquired at university. My knowledge of the testing framework was self-obtained while working on it for Adacta, and some of it was helpful when transitioning to the position of software developer. I have always been fond of programming and the challenges it presents so I didn't have many problems filling my knowledge gaps as a software developer.

Now you are a Software Developer, do you think that your job is easier because of the knowledge you attained while you were working as QA engineer?

While working as QA engineer I got used to working processes and the company's organization. Also, since working in QA required quite a lot of programming on automated tests and familiarity with the code base, it helped me to get started as a Software Developer without much transition and knowledge transfer needed.

Who would you recommend Adacta as an employer to?

I would recommend the position of QA engineer to anyone who wants to verify how a program works, and to identify any possible solutions needed, no matter how small they seem. I would also recommend Adacta to anyone who would like to try to fix both testing and development processes to reduce the risk of bugs and speed up the development and testing process.

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