Interview: “As an employer, Adacta truly is the whole package!”

Interview: “As an employer, Adacta truly is the whole package!”

Among IT professionals, Adacta is known as a great place to work for anyone wanting to advance their career while achieving a healthy work-life balance. To discuss more about life at Adacta we sat down with Valerija Marence, the newly appointed Head of HR for AdInsure.

Valerija, every company has a certain vibe to it. How would you describe Adacta`s?

Adacta has a relaxed but professional techie vibe. We are an IT company, where people dress for comfort and open workspaces promote collaboration. Our meetings are fast-paced and filled with the exchange and discussion of ideas. We try to use processes to be more efficient but we are also very nimble. Upskilling and speed drive gain recognition but we also value work-life balance.

Adacta is an internationally focused company with offices in 6 countries. How does this mix of different cultures reflect in the company’s culture?

Diversity makes us stronger, more creative and successful. Such a diverse environment offers a good opportunity to work and meet people in the same professions in different countries, to become familiar with their culture, work and lifestyle. It is also a great way to practice or pick up a new language.

What are some of the perks the company offers and what are the main reasons people decide to work at Adacta?

At Adacta, we strive to create a friendly working environment. Our employees can work flexible hours, have team building activities and lots of learning opportunities. Lots of great ideas emerge over free coffee discussions in our kitchen. We unwind in the games room, relax with Friday massages from a visiting massage therapist, and stay healthy with fruity snacks and our sports club. We have an open-door policy, lunch with the CEO and everything from birthday celebrations to visits from Father Christmas for our employees' kids.

Besides the great work-life balance, our new employees mostly like the international IT environment with a lot of expertise in different areas and many opportunities for professional and personal growth.

What do you look for in a new employee? Can you spot the difference between a good candidate and a great candidate?

A new employee should be able to see the company and the client’s goals as their own goals and should do his/her best to achieve them. For us, a great candidate shows not only skills but also passion for the position, and emotional intelligence is as important as skills and experience.

What does the recruiting process look like? How are the interviews structured and who is present?

The hiring process begins with the identification of the need to fill a position and ends with a candidate accepting a job offer. The hiring process usually has three stages:

  • Attracting candidates. This stage involves any actions the hiring team takes to fill the hiring pipeline with qualified candidates (e.g. candidate sourcing, LinkedIn, job advertising and seeking referrals.
  • Selecting candidates. The most important part of the candidate screening phase is the interview. Screening calls, job application reviews and pre-employment tests help ensure that hiring teams interview the best candidates.
  • Offering the job. If all goes well, this process ends with the preparation of a job offer for the desired candidate. After that, the ball is in the candidate's court.

A potential newbie gets an interview invite from Adacta. What is your advice?

Be self-confident and ready to prove your skills and experience with examples, show your passion and have the answer to the following question: Why do you see yourself filling this position?

Is there a formula for success at Adacta?

Yes, by being agile 😊. For us, it means being able to adapt to change and being willing to grow, actively looking for solutions, and to trust and help your team members to achieve your goals.


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