How to stay productive during the holidays?

How to stay productive during the holidays?

There are certain times of the year when it is especially difficult to stay focused and productive – for example, around winter holidays, which are usually a slow period with the office virtually empty.

We are encouraging our employees to take some time off during the holiday season, we want to help people disconnect and recharge. But still staying flexible - some of us are really looking forward to coming to work during the holidays.

A few tips on how to stay productive if you are at the office during the holiday season.
You can:

  • Go through your to-do list: We recommend that you work on things that you’ve been putting on hold or postponing for a while. When the office is quiet, it is easier to focus, so take advantage. 
  • Clear your desk: An old saying goes “a clear desk - a clear head”, so get rid of the things you no longer need or use and start the new year with a clear desk and clear thoughts. 
  • Deepen your relationships with colleagues: The holiday season, when the office is emptier than usual, brings an ideal opportunity to get to know each other better and form closer relationships.

A few tips if you are taking days off during the holidays, so you can really recharge and get the best out of the season.
You can:

  • Set sustainability goals for your holiday: We recommend setting goals around how much you want to sleep, how much you want to exercise, how much you’ll allow yourself to do “work work,” and in other categories that are important to you.
  • Prioritize processing time: It doesn’t matter whether processing looks like finding a quiet place with a journal or having deep conversations with friends or family. What matters is that you take the time to clear your mental inbox.
  • Set goals for next year and spend more time on planning how to achieve your goals than you do on setting your goals: A way to increase your chances of achieving your goals and give yourself peace during the holidays is to spend sufficient time planning upfront.
  • Create and uphold holiday traditions: Developing meaningful, productive and restful traditions around the holidays will guarantee that you give yourself the holidays you actually want.

We wish you merry and happy holidays!

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