Daniil Petrov - First-Hand Advice on Juggling Multiple Roles at Work

Daniil Petrov - First-Hand Advice on Juggling Multiple Roles at Work

Someone once said: “The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass.”

Daniil, the project lead for one of our largest customers has several successful tactics on how to juggle multiple roles. This is particularly pertinent advice now as the previous year has demanded us to adapt to various roles in our lives. While human nature dictates that we want to succeed in each of them, trade-offs are inevitable. However, we can simply start by listing and prioritizing our roles.

Daniil started his journey at the Adacta Moscow office in 2015. As an experienced project manager, he emphasizes the importance of trust, information sharing, and transparency when working with customers and team members.

Tell us about your history at Adacta and the projects you are currently working on.

My first project was with EXIAR - Export Insurance Agency of Russia, where we have successfully implemented our AdInsure insurance platform and partner solutions such as Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and QlikView. Of course, everything was integrated. This was followed by a quick but effective full scope project of implementing AdInsure in VTB Life.

Currently, I am working on SOGAZ and Raiffeisen Life projects where we are using the latest generation of AdInsure. Both projects are in the production stage but we continue developing new specific modules and products. On the SOGAZ project, I am not just the project manager but also an analyst and configurator. First, I take on the role of a business analyst where I analyze requirements and bring them in line with the client’s wishes. Then my work continues in the role of a configurator, where I convert customer requirements into an actual product using minimal programming knowledge. Our platform, therefore, allows anyone to easily configure the final product. Switching between tasks makes my job more dynamic and the areas complement each other very well.

What is the main challenge in your work at the moment?

Our clients are huge companies and large organizations have several departments and employees at different levels, who look at systems from their individual points of view. We try our best to see the big picture and make our systems friendly and functional for every user. Our goal is to find a harmonized solution and make our choices based on our previous experience.

We moved from offices to our home offices. How has the pandemic affected your work and how have you adapted to it?

Working from home is nothing new for us, as there are usually people from different countries working in our teams and we are forced to work remotely. Because of that, it didn’t cause us much trouble.

Of course, working remotely cannot completely replace personal communication. Above all, I miss the personal interaction with my colleagues and I am sure they feel the same way. Nothing can replace lunches with colleagues, our coffee breaks, and office jokes.

It took some reorganization of the work process to adjust to the current situation, but I am not worried, because I know that our team can overcome all obstacles. It is important to manage the resources we have wisely and we have had to adapt our hiring process, but so far we are succeeding.

Even during this time, we continue growing, which means we need to recruit new employees. This a bit challenging now due to remote work – the process is a bit more complex and takes a bit more effort from the team. We perform the first interview remotely although we still try to do the final talk in-person if the situation allows it.

»Our new colleagues always appreciate the time we spend with them on training, but this is our long-term investment. To provide great solutions and services, we need trained employees and to train new employees we need our experienced employees to spend time on it. The trade-off is to decrease resources in the short term for long-term gains.«

What turned out to be Adacta’s advantage during the pandemic?

I think that our biggest advantage is the way the company manages knowledge. We share important work-related information and documents on portals which allows us to be up to date on everything going on. In this remote-work situation that is more valuable than ever before. As a result of having digital tools for staying well-connected, we have a common understanding of what is going on, we can immediately share information to improve project performance.

»We also share all information with our clients. Through transparent work, we build trust and that is the key element of successful cooperation.«

The whole world is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic as is the insurance industry. In which direction do you think the changes will go?

People still need insurance, people still have cars, and people still care for their health, maybe more than ever before. But the sales communication process will not be the same anymore. The insurance industry needs to adjust marketing, products, sales and other processes, which means a lot of work for each department. Insurance companies already have remote sales channels, but their share will grow even more. A good IT system will prove to be the most important competitive advantage.

How do you maintain a continuous commitment to the client and how do you deliver what was agreed upon?

Tip: Share everything with your team. All the information! This leads to everyone being involved, everyone working hard and everyone working as a whole to achieve the goal. I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you very much to my team members. You are breathtaking!

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