Investing in Young Leaders

Investing in Young Leaders

Formed by ambitious young talents, Adacta lives by the value of empowering young people to become leaders of our generation someday. We are proud to announce that two of our colleagues are taking part in this year’s AmCham Young Professionals Program.

Petra Cirar and Uroš Manačinski will be developing their talents along 150 other young and talented, business leaders of the next generation. Petra is working as a Business Analyst in the role of Product Owner for the Billing and Collection module of AdInsure, our flagship product. Uroš is a Software Architect, currently engaged as a Team Lead for our platform development.

“I am happy to be a part of the Young Professionals Program. I was excited about the opportunity this program offers, even before our CEO Boris Bajić invited me to participate. I cannot wait to meet new people, learn new skills, and new approaches to leadership. This program also allows me to incorporate the newly acquired knowledge into my daily work and to proudly represent Adacta and our values among members of the 11th generation.” – Petra Cirar

“This is an exciting new chapter for me and I cannot wait to see what it brings. This is an opportunity that will help me become even better at what I do, and I am really thankful to Adacta for providing me with such a great experience.” – Uroš Manačinski

AmCham's Young Professionals Program is about personal and career development. AmCham Young Professional calendar is made up of interactive workshops, lectures, and inspirational talks with business leaders, filed trips, weekend workshops and so much more.

“We are aware that youth is the driving force of change and development. On the one hand, the AmCham Young Professionals Program is an investment in our young talents while being a reward for their excellent work to date in our company on the other. It is not enough to recognize talent, it also needs to be nurtured. We look forward to hearing from Petra and Uroš about the things they have learned,” said Boris Bajić, CEO

You can read more about AmCham Young Professionals here.

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